How do I know which school serves my address?

Enter the address in the online School Finder.

How do I register and apply for a school?

There are three easy steps for students who are new to JCPS:
• Complete the online registration.
• Provide proof of residence in Jefferson County. You can do this online or at the registration site at 4309 Bishop Lane.
• When your address has been verified, you’ll receive an activation key that lets you access the elementary cluster application. For middle and high school, you will go directly to the school that serves your address to enroll unless you are completing the optional and magnet application.

Current JCPS students do not need to register before they apply to a school. They may go directly to the application.

Note: An application is not required for middle and high school students who attend the school that serves their address.

I’ve moved. How do I change my child’s school?

Bring proof of your address to your child’s school or to the registration site at 4309 Bishop Lane—or email your proof of residence to
After your address is updated, you may complete a new elementary cluster application or enroll your child in the middle or high school for your new home address.

How do I set up a Parent Portal Account?

Parents can send an email to or contact their child's school. Each school has staff members designated to help parents access the portal.

How do I transfer my child to another school?

Parents can request a different school assignment by submitting an online student transfer application. Transfer approvals are not guaranteed. They’re based on various factors, including space, eligibility requirements, student needs, childcare, siblings, or other extenuating circumstances. The race of an individual student is not used as a factor to grant or deny a student’s transfer application.

Students who receive transfer approvals are not guaranteed transportation. They may attend the requested school as long as the transfer has not been revoked by the Office of Student Services. Parents can cancel a transfer by completing the Request to Void Student Transfer Form and submitting it to the Office of Student Services.

How do I get my child into a traditional school?

Traditional schools are one of the many magnet choices available in JCPS. For more information, see the JCPS guidebook (Elementary or Middle/High) or call Optional and Magnet Programs at (502) 485-6250.

Can I use the address of a relative or child-care provider to register my child?

No. Parents must register students at their home address. If parents want their child to go to a school in a different cluster or other boundary area, a student transfer is required. Student transfers become available in May for the following school year.

How do I get an application activation key?

If your child is currently attending a JCPS school, you can get the activation key from the school or you can submit an online request.

I don’t have proof of residence. What do I do?

You may register your child for school regardless of immigration status and/or a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. Call the Parent Assistance Center at (502) 485-6250.

If a student lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence; has a temporary living arrangement because of economic hardship or temporary foster care placement; or lives in a shelter, hotel, or family member’s residence, the student may qualify for the Homeless Education Program. Call (502) 485-3650 or send an email to