Crosby Athletic Director: Jerry Durbin 

Assistant Athletic Director: Christine Smith


Sports Forms: Sports physicals are required for participation. Please download the forms below. All of the following forms are required to participate in JCPS athletics as well as the required $20 insurance premium. For more information you may visit the JCPS Athletics Site.

KHSAA PhysicalForm

Addendum and Permission Forms

Video Form

Concussion Form




Crosby Baseball conditioning began during the first week of February. Try-outs were held in mid-February. Crosby has a sixth grade team as well as a sevent/eighth grade team. If you have questions for the sixth or seventh grade team, please contact Jerry Durbin at

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Congratulations to the Boys Varsity Basketball Team for earing the title of regular season District Champions and District Tournament Champions. Coach Pasley and Coach Quinn would like to thank the student body and cheerleaders for their tireless support throughout the season.

Congratulations also to the JV squad, who posted a 10-2 record earning them the title of District Runner-Up. They also played hard to make it to the City Tournament semifinals.

Boys' Coaches:  Seventh and eighth grade: Mr. Pasley and Mr. Lemon

Sixth grade: Mr. Osbourne

If you have questions about varsity boy's basketball, please contact Chad Pasley at or Matt Lemon at

For questions about sixth grade boy's basketball, please contact Todd Osbourne at


The Girls Varsity Basketball team has had an AMAZING season. The Lady Cougars have a 15-0 record in regular season games. They continued they winning streak into the Kentucky Middle School Basketball Championship. They fought hard in the championship game but eventually lost in overtime. They came back to finish out the season by winning the 2009 Class Act Jr. LIT Jefferson County Basketball Championship. This marks back-to-back Class Act Jr. LIT Jefferson County Basketball Championships.

The sixth grade girls also had a great season as the District 2 Runner-Up after a 8-3 season. They also won third place in the sixth Grade Girls' City Championship.

Girls' Coaches: Paul Sehlinger and Norman Webb

If you have questions about varsity girls basketball, please contact Paul Sehlinger at

If you have questions about sixth grade girls basketball, please contact Paul Sehlinger at, Terry Ballard at


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Crosby, Cougars, Red Blue and White, the best of the best, that’s right! CROSBY! Ranked as one of the top middle school teams in Louisville, KY, the Crosby Cheerleaders excel each year with talented middle school students that not only perform on the basketball court or competition stage, but in the classroom as well. With tons of spirit and energy, our cheerleaders are a shining light for our basketball teams. Interested in joining this elite program? You can contact our coach, Shannon Walker for more information at


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Our Cross-Country Team, coached by Mr. Letendre continues to dominate the field.  The Cross-Country Team brought home its seventh trophy, for the seventh year in a row.

Coach: David Letendre, Faculty sponsor: Ms. Bailey

If you have questions about Cross-Country, please contact David Letendre at


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Dance Team

Show Stoppers!

The Dance Team had another outstanding year. They placed first, and were named “Grand Champions” at both the JCPS and Jam Fest competitions. At nationals, the team placed second in Pom and fourth in the Hip-Hop division.  Special thanks goes out to the Dance Team from the Basketball Team coaches for keeping the crowd entertained by performing at half time and in between games.

Coaches: Julie Hundley 

For questions about the dance team, please contact Julie Hundley at


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For more information about the fencing team, please contact Adrian Graham at or Coach Orion at


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Field Hockey

Field Hockey is a fun and fast growing sport in Jefferson County. Crosby currently has four field hockey teams including a sixth grade team, seventh grade A and B teams, and an eighth grade team. The field hockey season begins the second week in July and runs throught the first week of October. The season begins with try-outs, conditioning, and practicing up until school starts. The girst games usually occur the first week of school. Players continue to practice and have games multiple days a week. The season concludes in October witha catered banquet.

Coaches this season are Judy Stumpf, Lauren Beard, Kristin Clark, Mindy Terrell, and Scott Young. If you are interested in trying out for the team please email the field hockey parent directors Kristin Clark at or Mindy Terell at More information is available on the website at or in the Field Hockey Letter.

* To participate on the Field Hockey team, you need the following:
1) JCPS physical form
2) A notarized physcial addendum and parent permission release form signed by the physician
3) A signed JCPS Sports Health and Sports Safety video form
4) JCPS Concussion Form
5) $20 fee to cover the required JCPS insurance premium

The necessary forms are linked at the top of this page.


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Crosby fields both tackle and 7 on 7 Flag Football. The tackle football team plays as members of the Jefferson County Public Schools Middle School Football Conference and the Kentucky Middle School Football Association. Practices begin in mid-July.

The 7 on 7 Flag Football team plays in the spring. This is a passing league, used to develop passing and receiving skills. When school is out, there are additional opportunities to participate in 7 on 7 tournaments at the Kentucky and surrounding county middle schools.

Both teams are coached by Don Parr at and Tom Herp at


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For more information about the golf team, please contact Creed Fasoldt at


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For more information about the lacrosse team, please contact Jerry Durbin at


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For more information about the soccer team, please contact Brad Devlin at or at (502)599-9856.


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For more information about the softball team, please contact Bryan Cole at or Gus Probus .


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Step Team

The Step team literally brought crowds to their feet this year.  The team brought home a much deserved trophy from the Farnsley Step for Health Competition.

Coach: Kevin Ashford

For questions regarding the step team, conact Kevin Ashford at


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For more information about the swim team, please contact Jerry Durbin at


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The tennis team is coached by Katy Andrews. For more information about the tennis team, please contact sponsor Jacque Gay at


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Tradition, Class, and Pride will be the cornerstone of our program.  Track and Field at Crosby is an extension of our school community.  Our team aims to embody its highest ideals and values.  We train hard and compete to the best of our ability, but we intend to have fun and enjoy what we do.

Coach: TBA

For more information on the track team, please contact Jerry Durbin at


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Crosby has a strong Volleyball team that includes Varsity, JV, and sixth grade teams that compete at the middle school level.


For more information about volleyball, please contact Jerry Durbin at:


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Coach: Hayden Shawler

For more information about wrestling, please contact Jerry Durbin at:


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