Milburn T. Maupin

A Catalpa Model

Upcoming Events and Dates

November 2nd and 3rd: No School

November 25th and 27th: No School


Milburn T. Maupin: A Catalpa Model School is a collaboration of community members and educators providing an approach to education that blends the Waldorf tradition with Kentucky Core Academic Standards.


The vision of Milburn T. Maupin: A Catalpa Model School is to educate the child rhythmically and respectfully by using methods inspired by Waldorf tradition. We strive to meet the academic needs of each unique child through a balance of art, music, drama, movement, and experiences in nature, thereby building each child's capacity to think creatively and critically, to understand and manage emotions, and to work in a focused and willing manner. This holistic approach to education, combined with actively reaching out to families and community, ensures that each child begins his or her path of lifelong learning on more equitable footing.