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SuccessMaker @ HOME is dynamic software program that individualizes student learning based on the demonstrated knowledge and mastery at each learning level. It connects with the student's experience at school. Concepts and skills in reading and/or math are presented to the student at his or her learning level while supporting with additional instruction, helpful tools and targeted practice.
WHO: Only those students who use the program at school may use it at home. If you have a question about whether your child is enrolled (he or she should know as they work on it 20 minutes each day), contact your child's teacher.
WHERE: Access on the Web by following the link on the Student page of the JCPS Web site. Go to:
(Note: You don't have to do this program only on a home computer. Since it is Web-based, your child could do it at the Public Library or at tutoring or an after school center they might attend.)
HOW: Student logs on using the same login and password used at school each day:
-Select the curriculum they have been assigned for @HOME work.
-Work for their allotted time (typically 15-20 minutes)
-During the time they are working, please allow them to work on their own as much as possible. The program makes adjustments and different tools available based on their performance. No help from brothers or sisters allowed!
-Log off
TECHNICAL BASICS: SuccessMaker is very 'picky' when it comes to system and applications specifics. Please download this PDF from the company to check requirement for Version 6:
SuccessMaker 6 Home User Requirements
If SuccessMaker is running slow, taking a long time to load or freezes:
1) Check the Internet connection speed and cable.
2) Check the version of JAVA on your computer and possibly update or go back a version to match the requirements.
3) Log out and log back in.
4) If the program says “busy” try again in a few minutes.

Note: Please understand that Bowen staff will not be able to answer technical questions about home use. There are too many variations in equipment and connectivity to give home support.