Data Books

Compiled by
Data Management, Planning, and Program Evaluation Division
Dr. Robert J. Rodosky, Chief Officer

Annually, the Jefferson County Public Schools Data Management and Research Department publishes a compilation of information related to each academic level (Elementary, Middle, High) in the District. The Data Books contain information related to student demographics, assessment, non-academic data and school climate.

2014-2015 Data Books
High School    Middle School    Elementary School


Archive - Previous Years

2013-2014 Data Books
High    Middle   Elementary

2012-2013 Data Books
High    Middle   Elementary

2011-2012 Data Books

2010-2011 Data Books

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Data Books are available in printed form and are distributed to schools and administrators.

For additional information or to request a printed copy please contact the Data Management and Research Department at (502) 485-3036.





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