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Middle school magnet programs, magnet schools, and optional programs

Middle school kid looking at experimentMiddle school magnet programs focus on specific fields and enable students to explore areas of interest in depth. The following programs accept applications from students throughout the district, and transportation is provided for every Jefferson County address:

  • Farnsley, Meyzeek, and Newburg: Mathematics/Science/Technology (Students are assigned to one of the three schools based on their address.)
  • Highland: International Studies
  • Noe: Gifted and Talented and Visual and Performing Arts
  • Thomas Jefferson: Communications
  • Westport: Montessori Program

JCPS also offers magnet middle schools and programs that provide specialized learning environments:

  • Barret, Jefferson County Traditional, and Johnson are traditional magnet schools. Students are assigned to one of them based on their home address.
  • The Brown School offers self-directed learning in a kindergarten through grade-twelve environment.
  • Olmsted Academy North is an all-boys school.
  • Olmsted Academy South is an all-girls school.
  • Western Middle is a visual and performing arts magnet school.

Some JCPS middle schools offer optional programs:

  • Crosby: Liberal Arts Academy
  • Highland: Fine Art
  • Lassiter: Environmental Education
  • Moore Traditional: Environmental and Life Science
  • Stuart: Health Careers

As in a magnet school or program, a student who is accepted into an optional program becomes a full-time student of the school that offers it, and he or she attends the school for all classes, not just the optional program classes. But unlike magnet programs, transportation is provided for optional program students only if they live in the attendance area of the school that offers it.

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