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Michele Eckels

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Sam Casper



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3121 Brooklawn Campus Drive
Louisville, KY 40218

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Brooklawn Child and Family Services

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School Profile

Brooklawn Youth Services is a psychiatric residential treatment center and private child care residential facility for adolescents and children in need of intensive therapeutic support to overcome the effects of abuse, neglect, or other family crisis situations. Students placed at Brooklawn have emotional problems, which preclude living at home, but do not necessitate hospital placement.

  • Population Served: Boys and girls, ages 6 to 18 (P2 to Grade Twelve)
  • Specific Characteristics: Residential students having typical diagnosis of ADHD/ADD, oppositional defiance disorder, or mood disorder. Most have a series of hospitalizations prior to placement at Brooklawn. Students may also have learning disabilities.
  • Maximum Enrollment: 130
  • Average Length of Stay: 6 - 12 months
  • Brooklawn follows the JCPS school calendar and includes a summer program.

School Programs

Brooklawn offers an individualized treatment program that includes school, individual and group therapy, survivor groups, family therapy, and recreational activities. In the school, we provide the following:

  1. A safe learning environment for each student.
  2. An individualized program of basic skills and remediation where necessary.
  3. Small group instruction with fully certified teachers.
  4. Behavior management that teaches acceptable social and academic behaviors so that the students may return to their homes and regular public schools.
  5. Vocational classes in auto technology and horticulture.

Referral Process

Students are referred to Brooklawn Youth Services by social workers, medical personnel, and/or parents or guardians.

Last modified August 27, 2014