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Michele Eckels

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Fran McCormick

502-458-1171 Ext 138


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2301 Goldsmith Lane
Louisville, KY 40218

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Boys' & Girls' Haven

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School Profile

Boys’ & Girls' Haven provides twenty-four hour residential treatment and ancillary supportive services for boys and girls from eleven to eighteen years old who need, for a variety of reasons, out-of-the home placement and a therapeutic setting to help them with emotional, behavioral (status offender level) and social adjustment difficulties.  Two programs operate at Boys’ Haven, the long-term Therapeutic Care and Independent Living Program, and the Family Treatment program for middle school age boys and girls with emphasis on family counseling and individual therapy. Residential treatment is provided for girls and boys but only boys attend the on-site school program.

  • Population Served: Boys, ages 11 through 18.
  • Specific Characteristics: Students needing residential placement due to a troubled family life. 
  • Maximum Enrollment: 36
  • Average Length of Stay:  Family Treatment Program-3 to 4 months; Independent Living Program-1 to 2 years.
  • Boys’ & Girls' Haven follows the JCPS school calendar and includes a summer program.

School Programs

Boys’ & Girls' Haven school is staffed by fully certified Jefferson County Public School teachers who provide instruction appropriate to meet the academic and behavior deficits of their students.  The goal of the school is to overcome those deficits in a risk-free academic environment and to address behavior issues when needed.  Once the academic deficits have been identified and the instruction provided, the students return to the community school. Successful re-entry to a community school is the goal of the faculty and residential staff.  Teachers work closely with the residential staff to provide seamless support for the boys.

Referral Process

Referrals are made by families in crisis, social workers, and court recommendations.

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