Site Based Decision Making (SBDM) Council

Contact Principal Linda Brown at 485-8248 for more information
Council Members
Linda Brown Principal mbrown10@jefferson.k12.ky.us
Marissa Bell Teacher mbell5@jefferson.k12.ky.us
Harvey Creggett Teacher hcregg32@jefferson.k12.ky.us
Donna Dockery Staff ddocker1@jefferson.k12.ky.us
Evelyn Franke Parent dirtbikemom1213@aol.com
Mike Gossett Teacher mgosset2@jefferson.k12.ky.us
Art Haeberline Teacher phaeber1@jefferson.k12.ky.us
Paula Jackson Parent paulajackson40208@yahoo.com
Lisa Johnson Teacher ljohns13@jefferson.k12.ky.us Secretary
Steve Johnson Teacher sjohns10@jefferson.k12.ky.us Co-Chairperson
Cathy Jones Parent cgjones@insightbb.com
Teresa Perry Parent teresaperry2003@yahoo.com
Belinda Roy Parent beege33@myway.com Co-Chairperson
SBDM Council Meeting Information
• Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month (except July) at 5:00 p.m. in the small cafeteria located just inside the main entrance to Fairdale High.

Meeting dates for the remainder of 2005 will be:
-August 9, 2005
-September 13, 2005
-October 11, 2005
-November 8, 2005
-December 13, 2005

• June's meeting did not have a quorum, therefore May's meeting minutes have yet to be approved. Click here to read the minutes from the April 2005 meeting.

August 9, 2005 agenda

SBDM Committee Information
•Committees and committee members are listed below. For information about these committees please read the FHS SBDM Policies, and for email addresses for members please see the faculty/administration pages or the SBDM email addresses listed at the top of this page.
School Climate
Marissa Bell Teacher
Darren Bush Teacher
Jennifer Byrd Teacher
Vicki Craig Teacher
Larry Cunningham Teacher
Jenny Downs Teacher
Autumn Gadladge Teacher
Mike Gossett Teacher
Andrew Gray Teacher
Julie Gutermuth Teacher
Art Haeberlein Teacher
Chris Johnstone Counselor
Nancy Lacer Teacher
Gregg Longacre Teacher
Tim O'Donoghue Teacher
Loren Renfrow Teacher
Pam Rowan Teacher
Butch Sample Teacher
Kristi Schmidt Teacher
*Brad Weston Asst. Principal
Lynn Wilson Teacher
Alan Wolfe Teacher
Melissa Woosley Teacher
Belinda Roy Parent
Curriculum & Instruction
Shirl Atwell Teacher
Patty Boyd Teacher
Gary Clevenger Teacher
Harvey Creggett Teacher
Melisa Gano Teacher
Art Haeberlein Teacher
Dotti Hicks Teacher
*Pam Robertson Asst. Principal
Lisa Johnson Teacher
Steve Johnson Teacher
Barbara Longacre Counselor
Sally Miller Teacher
Dave Myers Teacher
Mick Roney Teacher
Robert Schardein Teacher
Erin Schneider Teacher
Scott Schneider Teacher
Damien Sweeney Teacher
Jennifer Toepfer Teacher
Janie Watts Teacher
Cathy Jones Parent Member
*Linda Brown Principal
Lloyd Gardner Teacher P/T
Art Haeberlein Teacher
Steve Johnson Teacher
Bobby Jones Teacher
Mary Kenzer Teacher
Joe Phelps Teacher
Viola Puschaver Teacher
Scott Schneider Teacher
Todd Toepfer Teacher
Donna Dockery Classified Member
Belinda Roy Parent Member
Research & Data/Planning
Michelle Coomer Counselor
Art Haeberlein Teacher
Keith Hedgespeth Teacher
Lisa Johnson Tech. Coordinator
Sally Miller Teacher
Todd Toepfer Teacher
Vivian Brown Teacher
Larry Bruner Teacher
Troy Cox Teacher
Mike Gossett Teacher
Art Haeberlein Teacher
Jennifer Hall Teacher
*Pam Robertson Asst. Principal
Lisa Johnson Tech. Coordinator
Steve Johnson Teacher
Barbara Longacre Counselor
Ernest Smith Athletic Director
Janie Watts Teacher
Brad Weston Asst. Principal
* Chairperson
Operational Procedures

•Council elections take place in the fall of each school year. Parent members are elected at the PTSA meeting on Open-House night, which will be September 8th this year. Teachers are elected by ballot prior to the October meeting.