Principal's Message


     Welcome to the Central High School Web site.  At Central, we offer nine magnet programs.  The purpose of the magnet programs is to give students opportunities to find their interest and to make determinations to which life vocations maybe the best fit.  We feel confident that if we can make that fit with our students’ interests and aptitudes, then we have found the key that will motivate and give those students the purpose for connecting their interests with the core content.

      My mission, as the principal of Central High School, is to be a servant to the students, staff, and community.  I am committed to serving the students by providing a safe environment that will be conducive to the academic growth and development of all our students.  I will provide a nurturing atmosphere that encourages, motivates, and challenges all to reach their maximum potential.


     Dr. Daniel Withers
     Principal, Central High School Magnet Career Academy