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The mission of the Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) is to advance the individual capabilities, to motivate all students, and to create leadership opportunities through the use of technology.

Follow us on Twitter @JFKstlp

Fall Showcase at the University of Louisville, November 2014.

Our project is learning, educating others and making a difference for the people of Southern Sudan.

Check out our website, we are still working on. See what our project is about,

and Support Southern Sudan!

JFK Rally for Sudan watch our video we made in STLP Camp June 2014

Lost Boy of Sudan visits Kennedy, click here to watch

2014 Staci Bufkin-Halleron Award Winners

2013-14 STLP Project: Putting our Paw on Diabetes

We have shared our learned information about Diabetes, with our school and the community. We participated as part of several Health Fairs and tested blood sugar levels throughout this school year: Senca High School/Bellarmine Nursing Health Fair, Kennedy's Fit-Lit Night and Crums Lane Elem. Health Fair. We also walked with a fellow classmate in the Diabetes walk for support and awareness.

Check out the videos we created for information on Diabetes: (click on links below)

Living with Diabetes Interview Don't Play with Diabetes

Diabetes in Control What is Diabetes? Diagnosis Diabetes Diabetes War

We were honored to have the opportunity to compete at State Level at U of K on April 22, 2014

STLP Regional Showcase was November 19, 2013 at U of L, we SCORED well enough that we will compete at state level at U of K April 22, 2014!

Our "Joy of Reading" project was good enough to compete at STATE!! (Spring 2013)

We brought home "The Best Showcase Project in Region" Award....Top 24 in the state!!!

2012 Project: The JOY of Reading. Click here to see video footage with PK-Kindergarten class.

To show that reading and learning to read can be fun for all ages, using technology.

Presented at the U of L Fall Showcase


See our Harlem Shake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGfs4dmrBzA


Winter Judging STLP Competition: Music Created

(click on link for each student below, click download and Open to play Mp3)


"Hip Hop" by Kaden P, 5th grade student


"Happiness" by Daylyn B, 5th grade student


2012 Staci Bufkin-Halleron Creative Project Award Winners


See our Students representatives work from STLP Summer Camp at U of L: click here

Project 1: How Technology has Changed Project 2: Memorial to Steve Jobs

Click here to see our News Report for "How Technology has Changed"

We scored a 93 and a 90 AWESOME JOB!

Check out our video project from our 2010 Showcase! click here!


GEEK Squad

Greatly Enhanced Executives of Knowlege

Spring 2015 Geek Squad plans are to us ALICE programming to create their own cartoons on a Core-Content subject

Spring 2013 5th grade students in the Geek Squad create their own BLOG.

Spring 2012 4th and 5th grade students chose their special area for 1 week. Computer class was The Geek Squad.

The Geek Squad produced Historical Reenactment videos.

Students participated in a group to write a script for their histroical person, acted out historical scenes, video taped in front of a green screen, and insert pictures for background scenes.

click on the links below to see their videos:

George Rogers Clark

Sojourner Truth

Susan B Anthony

Sitting Bull

Crazy Horse