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What is "Open-Air Marketplaces Around the World"?

"Open-Air Marketplaces Around the World" is a photographic exhibit and teaching unit developed by the JCPS Diversity/Multicultural Education Office, the JCPS Center for Environmental Education and the Gheens Academy Curriculum Resource Center. The primary purpose of the project is to explore the various roles that open-air marketplaces play in the lives of human communities, within the context of K-12 core content areas. The exhibit component of the project features photographs of open-air marketplaces in cities in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the United States.

How do open-air marketplaces reflect the culture and values of the communities in which they exist? What is the relationship between open-air marketplaces and environmental issues? How have open-air marketplaces evolved in communities over a period of time? What jobs are necessary to maintain an open-air marketplace? What consumer decisions do we need to make at an open-air marketplace? Teachers can use the open-air marketplace photos and accompanying K-12 teacher guides to answer such questions. They can also be utilized as a spring-board for further exploration of economic, environmental, demographic, cultural and social issues affecting communities around the world.

How do educators use the Web site for the "Open-Air Marketplaces Around the World" project?

The K-12 teacher guides for the "Open-Air Marketplace" project contain suggested lesson plan activities that teachers can use with their students. Each photograph featured on this website corresponds with one or more of the activities in the teacher guides. Please note the code numbers that are listed on the left side of the activities in the teacher guide. The code numbers refer to the individual photos that are featured on this website, and are printed on the corner of each photo. For example, if the teacher guide recommends that you use photo "2C" for an activity, then find the photo with "2C" printed in the corner.

Each nation and/or region is identified by a letter: (A) South Africa, (B) Nigeria, (C) Hainan Island, China, (D) Brazil, (E) Xian, China, (F) Hong Kong, China, (G) Tibet, China, (H) Europe, (I) United States, and J (Ecuador). Each subsequent photo associated with that nation and/or region is indentified by a number. For example, there are three photos of Hainan Island, China on the website. Hainan Island's letter is "C," so the second photo of Hainan Island is identified as "2C."

Educators can use these photographs as an introduction to open-air marketplaces and for classroom activities. However, educators are not limited to just these images and are strongly encouraged to utilize other photographs and materials.

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Click here to see all photos. You can download printable PDF versions of the teachers guides by clicking on the links below.

K-5 Teacher Guide
6-8 Teacher Guide
9-12 Teacher Guide

Cape Town, South Africa
Grahamstown, South Africa
Muizenberg, South Africa
Oyo, Nigeria
Ibadan, Nigeria
Katsina, Nigeria
Hainan Island, China
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
Xian, China
Hong Kong, China
Tibet, China
Prague, Czech Republic
Montpellier, France
Salzburg, Austria
Rome, Italy
Monte Carlo, Monaco
Boston, Massachusetts
Quito, Ecuador
Louisville, Kentucky

The 'Open-Air Marketplaces Around the World' project is a collaboration of the JCPS Diversity/Multicultural Education Office, the JCPS Center for Environmental Education, and the Gheens Academy Curriculum Resource Center. Click here to see acknowledgements for the project.