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How do our teachers make these courses so successful?Open entry, open exitWhy do students take our online courses?


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Successful College and Career Fair for Students

Over 20 colleges and businesses were represented and over 50 students attended.
Thanks to Ms. Sexton and Ms. Kennedy for their hard work.

One student commented:
“I just love it here. You all do more for us than any school we’ve ever been too. I don’t know why (you do), but we really appreciate it.” 



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NCAA Eligibility

“Coursework from JCPSeSchool does not meet NCAA nontraditional core-course legislation. Coursework from students who enrolled on or after June 5, 2012, cannot be used. Coursework from students prior to June 5, 2012, will be reviewed individually. An individual review requires the production of student-specific and course-specific materials.” - NCAA Eligibility Center

Jefferson County High School (JCPSeSchool) will continue to provide student-directed, self-paced curriculum developed by highly qualified Kentucky teachers. Students are allowed the flexibility to start and finish courses on any given day. Our teachers facilitate one-on-one communication with each individual student. Currently, NCAA member institutions grant approval to teacher-directed, trimester/semester-based programs with whole class discussions. Artie Dietz, JCPSeSchool






JCPSeSchool partnered with Articulate to win the Learning Impact Award in 2007.
We were internationally recognized for our use of technology in our classes.


JCPSeSchool is a branch of Jefferson County High School and is therefore accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School Council on Accreditation and School Improvement.