Introduction to the DuValle Education Center

People are motivated to change their health habits, financial arrangements, or personal relationships when they understand why and how they must. The same is true in education. While people may acknowledge their needs for improved skills, they are not likely to act until they see real possibilities and real hope for themselves and their situations. Then they will reach out to take advantage of opportunities to change their lives and futures and the lives and futures of their families.

These basic beliefs about people and communities undergird everything that happens at the DuValle Education Center. Indeed, the first step taken by the Jefferson County Public Schools in developing the programs and services for the Center was a survey of needs and resources. Community residents and agency and organization representatives responded both formally and informally. They described the unmet needs they believed could be met by the Center. This survey of needs and resources has been conducted in this community several times since DuValle began operation.

Armed with these mandates, staff developed and maintains a comprehensive, coordinated array of programs and services to meet the expressed needs of the area the DuValle Education Center services. Some components – Early Head Start, Head Start, DuValle Learning Center, DuValle Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club, and others – were adapted from programs already successful elsewhere in the District. Other components – the DuValle Community Performing Arts Program, SCORE (Securing Concrete Opportunities Resulting in Employment) Job Training Program, I-CUE (Interest Creates Unlimited Excitement), OASIS (Opportunities Available to Students In Summer), Broader Visions Program, and the DuValle Volunteer Reading Program – were created on-site. Together the components interlocked to produce, in one facility, a broad range of opportunities for children, youth, adults and families.

The basic beliefs have proven to be overwhelmingly correct. Since the first programs opened in the early summer of 1986, thousands of people, from infants to senior citizens have enrolled, and many have changed their lives and futures and the lives and futures of their families. We encourage families to take time for change, and let the DuValle Education Center help them reassess their options and restore balance in their life and the lives of their families.

DuValle’s Programs and Services

Child Care

The DuValle Child Care Center offers licensed comprehensive services for infants and children. Child-care services are provided on a tuition basis from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, year-round. Child-care classes are organized into age-appropriate rooms: infants, toddlers, two-year-olds, preschool and school-age (before-and-after school and full-day when school is not in session). Child-care is provided in a nurturing environment, which promotes the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of infants and children. Homework and other instructional support are provided for school-age children.

Early Head Start

Early Head Start serves children, birth to age three and their families and pregnant women and their families. Early Head Start places its very young student population in a center-based, family style environment that stimulates and nurtures their positive growth and development. It also offers all the components to families that Head Start provides, it just begins at an earlier age.

Head Start

Head Start provides a full-day center- based education program for four-year-olds that provides medical and social services as well as early opportunities to build academic and social skills. It helps children and parents develop good school-related habits; nurtures feelings of comfortableness in school environments; encourages parental involvement; and begins the diagnosis and treatment of developmental problems if needed.

I-CUE (Interest Creates Unlimited Excitement)

This after-school academic enhancement, remediation and/or enrichment program for children in grades Primary through eight mixes fun with more formal learning as children participate in Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Tutoring and Homework Assistance. The program operates during the school year, Monday through Thursday, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

It is recommended that students who participate in I-CUE and need remediation in reading or math also enroll in the L.I.N.K. (Linking Instruction with Neighborhood Kids) program; however, a student may participate in either program and not participate in the other one.

OASIS (Opportunities Available to Students In Summer)

Aptly named, OASIS, does indeed provide a welcome break to what could be a long, hot summer. Children in Primary through grade 8 participate in a daily schedule of courses designed to address students’ academic enhancement, enrichment and remediation needed to retain knowledge and skills acquired during the school year, reduce their achievement gap and provide wholesome learning experiences. The program operates during the months of June and July and concentrates on the academic areas of Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Breakfast and lunch are provided as a part of the program.

Broader Visions/STOP Program

The DuValle Education Center is one of the sites for the Broader Visions/STOP (Suspension Truancy Off-Site Program). The program is designed to afford students the opportunity to continue their studies and attend school, rather than be suspended for violating certain conditions of the Jefferson County Public Schools Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline. The program temporarily places students in a neutral environment, an alternative setting, for their academic studies and helps them look at behaviors that are more conducive for learning.

To ensure that students complete required school assignments while attending a Broader Visions/STOP Site, the referring school provides class assignments, and grades them upon the student’s return to school.

Broader Visions was the forerunner to the STOP, and continues its method of operations. The teacher serves as a community liaison and establishes and maintains relationships with the schools and homes. On occasion the liaison also escorts students to school when it appears appropriate.

The Broader Visions Program also has a parent involvement component: A Voice for our Children, which has reached statewide and national prominence. The group’s work led to the formation of the Parent Commission of the National Alliance of Black School Educators.

DuValle Learning Center

The JCPS Adult Education Department provides a wide variety of free services through the DuValle Learning Center. They include:

  • GED Preparation
  • Adult Reading Classes
  • Academic Component of the SCORE Job Training Program
  • Adult Academic Skills Upgrade for College or the Job Market
  • GED Official Practice Test
  • Computerized Instruction
  • Small Group Reading and Mathematic Classes
  • A Computer Technology Center

SCORE Job Training Program

SCORE is a job-training program that helps participants secure concrete opportunities resulting in employment, and it has successfully operated at the DuValle Education Center for more than ten years. The program starts with an assessment of academic skills and vocational interest. After the assessment, participants engage in:

A two-week orientation to prepare them for successful participation in a job training program.

  • Classroom instruction for jobs in the clerical field – nine weeks, four-hours a day, four days a week intense occupational training or at least a semester of evening classes/courses.
  • Two weeks of unpaid internship experiences to assist them in gaining some job experience and better prepare them for the world of work.

Many participants are hired shortly after or during their internships; while others engage in intense job search after that experience.

Community Computer Technology Center

Whether you are studying for your GED, a student in the SCORE Job Training Program, a beginning literacy student, a student in the I-CUE or OASIS program or a member of the community who needs to use the computer to research homework or study assignments, develop a resume, or upgrade your computer skills – the Community Computer Technology Center is the place to be.

The Community Technology Center is equipped with computers and great software and is filled with the smiling faces of people who are willing to help you – no matter what your skill level is.

Call 485-8735 and get a jump-start on meeting on your computer needs today.

Neighborhood Place Ujima

When the District used DuValle as a site for a Neighborhood Place, it responded to one of the needs the community identified. Subsequent to it’s beginning, the Community Council named it Neighborhood Place Ujima. The group envisioned the Neighborhood Place as enveloping one of the Kwanzaa Principles: Cooperative Work and Responsibility. It desired that individuals and families move beyond the concept of welfare to well-being. The Council framed the operation of Neighborhood Place Ujima upon the concept of building and maintaining community resources in such a way as to help neighbors become responsible for one another. This premise gave way to the naming of the Neighborhood Place and led the way using Neighborhood Place Ujima as the pilot site for the Community Partnership for Protecting of Children.

The primary components of Neighborhood Place Ujima are:

  • Jefferson County Department of Human Services provides emergency financial assistance to help individuals and families with zero or limited income pay their rent or mortgage and utilities.
  • Kentucky Department for Community Based Services:
    • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) provides and works with them, through Kentucky Works and Project Life, to obtain employment to become self-sufficient.
    • Community Partnership for Protecting Children is a multi-year project, funded by the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, which aims to promote effective, innovative, cooperative efforts to enhance the well-being and safety of children.
    • Child Protective Services Permanency and Protection Unit provide ongoing assistance for families who have been referred for child neglect or abuse. These services may include ways to help children to remain safely in their homes (i.e., child care, counseling, parenting, education), or they may include alternative placement of children.
  • Jefferson County Health Department Healthy Start Program offers prenatal case management and education, pregnancy testing, parenting teens program, immunizations, lead testing, STI, TB Test, WIC referral services, HIV counseling to promote healthy families.
    • Jefferson Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center (JDAC), a program of Seven Counties, Inc., provides on-site assessment and referrals, case management, and education for individuals and families.
    • Jefferson County Public Schools Pupil Personnel Services enforces compulsory attendance laws, serves as a liaison between schools, parents, the court, community agencies, and police. School Social Workers also provide social services and strategies to promote good school attendance.

DuValle Community Performing Arts Program

The DuValle Education Center serves as the home site for Diamond Jake & Company, Performers. The company also meets, rehearses, auditions and plans at the DuValle Education Center; however their performances are held elsewhere, since the Center no longer has an auditorium.

Diamond Jake & Company, Performers is dedicated to sharing the rich cultural diversity of our country and to celebrate a facet of that diversity, the African-American experience through performance. Its audience reflects that diversity: elementary, middle, high and post-secondary students, teachers, parents, the military, senior citizens and churches. The Company has staged two performances this year: “3 X 9: Jake’s Times” by Alfred Wiggins, Company Founder, at the Kentucky Center for the Arts and “Tambourines To Glory” by Langston Hughes at University of Indiana Southwest and the West Broadway United Methodist Church.

The DuValle Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club

The DuValle Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club provides most of the programs offered through the Boys and Girls Club program and the Family Support Program (before-and-after school child care program) for Carter Traditional Elementary School.

The DuValle Volunteer Reading Program

The DuValle Volunteer Reading Program is designed to promote literacy among children and families. It fosters an appreciation for and love of reading in infants and preschool-age children. Adults and older children volunteer to read to infants and children enrolled in Child Care, Early Head Start and Head Start.

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