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Certified Substitute Teacher Employment

What is needed to apply for a Certified Substitute Teacher position?

  1. Complete a JCPS online application for a Substitute Teacher. Please remember to upload the documents listed below to your application.
    • Driver’s License
    • Unofficial transcripts
    • Certificate of Completion for the Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion Training (link included in the application instructions)
    • Records Checks - Come to the VanHoose Education Center at 3332 Newburg Road, Louisville KY 40218, Monday - Friday between the hours of (7:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.). The records check fee is $34.75 (exact cash or check only) and a driver's license or Picture id is required. Note: records check fee may be changed without notice, these stay current for six months only and this does not guarantee employment.
  2. Candidates are selected to continue through the hiring process according to the following criteria:
    • Kentucky teacher certification
    • Previous successful teaching experience
    • College degree, major and GPA (minimum of 64 semester college hours from an accredited college and 2.45 GPA required)
    • References (Reference forms will be sent to the email addresses of the contacts listed. Preferably at least two references from a supervisor; references from relatives will not be accepted)
  3. Candidates with completed applications who meet the hiring needs of the district, will receive a Substitute Teacher orientation invite via email.
  4. Candidates invited to the Substitute Teacher orientation will need to bring the following items to the orientation to be admitted:
    • Official transcripts. Please do not have transcripts sent to the Human Resources Office.
    • Fingerprint verification card (obtained when the candidate is fingerprinted; upon invitation only).
    • Picture Id
    • Social Security Card
    • Social security numbers for spouse and children for beneficiary information

What is a “preferred substitute?”

A preferred substitute is an active substitute teacher who is recommended by principals at school locations that qualify for preferred substitutes. The preferred substitute list is generated annually.  The preferred substitute is assigned to a "home school", guaranteed employment each school day, and paid at the daily substitute teacher salary schedule Certified Substitute Teacher Salary Schedule (pdf) plus $15.00 per day. These substitutes must work every school day and must take any job assigned.

What is an “auto-assigned or priority substitute?”

Auto-assigned or priority subs are substitute teachers who are the school’s first choice to be assigned to jobs in that school.  The school administrators request these substitutes, and their names are placed on a list for that particular school.  When the “preferred substitute” is not available (or if the school does not qualify to have a preferred substitute), the “auto sub” is automatically placed in that job if the “auto sub” has not already been assigned a job elsewhere.

What is a temporary appointee assignment?

Temporary appointee assignments are single assignments/positions at a particular school for twenty (20) days without interruption in an active service. Beginning on the temporary appointee's twenty-first day, he/she is paid at the rate of a substitute teacher times 1.5 retroactive to the first day he/she began qualifying as a temporary appointee. Temporary appointee assignments must be filled by substitute teachers who hold valid teaching certification.

How does the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law affect certified substitute teachers?

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires the district to provide "highly qualified" teachers in any temporary appointee assignment. A "highly qualified" substitute teacher is one that holds current teacher certification with the state of Kentucky. These substitutes are placed in positions which are related to their areas of certification.

How many days do I need to work within a month to remain in active status?

A substitute retains active status by working at least 5 days per month and returning the "Status of Employment and Character and Fitness Form" which is mailed at the end of each school year.

How is the substitute teacher salary determined?

Pay scales are determined by total number of cumulative college semester hours and/or degree(s) and experience. Additional steps, after review and approval, may be given for permanent teacher experience in grade levels (K-12) for no less than 147 days a school year. Certified Substitute Teacher Salary Schedule (pdf)

Once I am an active sub, how do I get my job assignments?

Job assignments are created and assigned through SmartFindExpress, a phone line, WebCenter, and online system. This system is used by both JCPS teachers and substitutes. Teachers report their absence, creating an assignment; substitutes may hear/view assignments to accept. The system uses a variety of lists and features to determine the most qualified substitute for the job and will place a telephone call to the substitute(s). It will continue to call substitutes until the positions have been filled.

Whom should I contact if I need additional information?

Contact the Substitute Teacher Help Desk at 485-3110 from 7:30 am to 4:30 p.m.

Last modified February 17, 2015