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FAQ Certified Employment

How do I apply for employment with Jefferson County Schools?

Certified Positions (Positions requiring a Kentucky Teacher or Administrative certificate)

Complete the on-line JCPS Employment Application and attach an electronic copy of the KY teaching certificate (or statement of eligibility), scanned copies of college transcripts, and copies of teaching evaluations. It is not necessary to submit official transcripts to JCPS until the candidate is hired. Upon hire, successful candidates will need to provide identity verification, submit original college transcripts, and register for a criminal records check. Verification of teaching experience and a DD2-14 (active military experience) are needed for experience credit.

Advertised Positions

Advertised Positions require that the candidate follow the application instructions on the job posting (usually submit a letter of interest, a resume, and the addresses of six (6) professional references). Some Advertised Positions may ask that the candidate provide copies of credentials. Advertised Positions have a deadline.

Substitute Teacher

For information on becoming a substitute teacher for JCPS, click here.

How do I obtain a Kentucky Teaching Certificate?

For information about obtaining a Kentucky Teaching Certificate, contact: Kentucky Educational Professional Standards Board, EPSB:  1-888-598-7667 or www.kyepsb.net . Jefferson County Public Schools, Teacher Certification Department,  1-502-485-7458, Jcps.certification@jefferson.kyschools.us.

Kentucky Teaching certificates can be renewed with additional college hours or teaching experience depending upon what type of certificate is held. Renewal requirements usually appear on the teaching certificate. The EPSB renewal form (TC-2) can be obtained from the EPSB web site (www.kyepsb.net ) or JCPS Human Resources.

Rank changes are submitted by the university to EPSB. A Rank II can be obtained by completing a ‘Fifth Year’ or Masters program. A Rank I can be obtained by completing 30 graduate hours beyond a Masters program in an approved Rank I program. The EPSB application for rank change (TC-1) can be obtained from the EPSB web site (www.kyepsb.net) or JCPS Human Resources. Certificates showing a rank change must be delivered to JCPS Human Resources certification department in order for a salary increase to be processed.  Deadline for changes in salary during the current school year is March 1.

Plus 15 Rank does not require that an application be submitted to EPSB. JCPS requires that the employee have written verification from the university stating that fifteen (15) hours toward the next rank have been completed. The JCPS Verification of +15 hours form can be obtained from JCPS Human Resources, or by emailing jcps.certification@jefferson.kyschools.us . Deadline for changes in salary during the current school year is March 1.

What is KTIP and a Statement of Eligibility?

All new teachers with less than two (2) years of successful teaching experience must successfully complete a one (1) year internship (Kentucky Teacher Internship Program - KTIP). During the internship, additional professional development and local school/university mentor support are provided to the new teacher. Further questions regarding KTIP may be directed to jcps.ktip@jefferson.kyschools.us .The Statement of Eligibility (SOE) is not a teaching certificate. The SOE is used to confirm employment and enrollment in the KTIP program. A one year provisional internship certificate is issued during the internship year. Upon successful completion of an internship, a KY provisional teaching certificate is issued.

How is my salary determined?

Salary Schedules

Teacher Salary Schedules


Teachers are placed on the Teacher’s salary schedule according to their certification rank and years of teaching experience. (a maximum of 10 years is allowed with only 4 years prior to 1994-95) Experience can include two (2) years of active military experience (DD 214). “Plus 15” requires verification of applicable hours from a university. The deadline for changes in salary during the current school year is March 1. Teachers are also compensated for three (3) extra service days (paid at their daily rate), two (2) parent conferences, and one (1) set-up day.


Salary is determined by certification rank and years of teaching/administrative experience for placement on the Teacher’s salary schedule (a maximum of 20 years). Experience can include two (2) years of active military duty (DD 214). “Plus 15” requires verification of applicable hours from a university. Salary can be calculated by taking the Teacher’s daily rate (annual teacher salary divide by 187 days) times (x) the Administrative grade (see below) times (x) the number of days in the work year. Questions regarding administrative pay can be directed to Human Resources at 485-3114.

Administrative Grade

Grade 9      1.046
Grade 10    1.083
Grade 11    1.121
Grade 12    1.161
Grade 13    1.201
Grade 14    1.242

Annual Increases

Certified employees receive an annual step increase when they have been employed 140 days and work the equivalent of 70 days during the fiscal year.  Support Staff receive a step increase when they have worked 140 days during a school year. Annual percentage increases are negotiated with the various labor unions.

Direct Deposit

An employee must sign up for direct deposit through the Payroll Department. Direct deposit employees receive a check advice on pay day or can view their pay information on JCPS & ME (see directions under Benefits)

New Hire Packet for Certified Teachers

Click here to access the JCPS New Hire Packet for certified teachers. These forms can be printed, completed, and brought with the new employee when the new-hire signs the teaching contract.

What Employee Benefits does JCPS offer Full Time Employees?

Sick Leave

10 days per year. A doctor’s statement is required for extended absence. Days accumulate from year to year and a percentage of unused sick days can be paid upon retirement.

Personal Leave

3 days per year. Personal leave may be used if the absence does not interrupt the work program. Unused days become accumulated sick days. Teachers may not use personal days the last 5 days of school. Personal leave must be approved by the employee’s supervisor.

Emergency Leave

2 days per year. Emergency leave is granted for the death or funeral of a blood relative or relative by marriage; or a situation resulting from the occurrence of a natural disaster. Natural disaster emergency leave requires approval of the Executive Director of Human Resources.

Vacation Leave

260 day employees receive vacation days based on years of service with JCPS (10 days first year, 15 days through 10 years of service, 20 days after 10 years of service)

Individual Health Coverage

The state of Kentucky provides each employee a payment towards health coverage or an amount that can be used in a Health Reimbursement Account (details under BENEFITS on the JCPS web site)

What kind of unpaid Leaves of Absence does JCPS offer?

Family Medical Leave, Adoption/Child Rearing Leave, Medical Leave, Military Leave, Professional/Training Leave (details under BENEFITS on the JCPS web site)

What other purchasable Benefits are available through JCPS?

Family health coverage, short term disability, tax sheltered annuities and a list of other options are available (details under BENEFITS on the JCPS web site)

What are the Inservice Requirements for certified employees?

Teachers and Administrators are required to complete a minimum of 24 hours of inservice each year. Inservice may include flexible and mandatory school inservice credits. Hours are prorated for late hires, and part-time teachers are required to have 12 hours.

Support Staff Inservice

A listing is available under Professional Development Information on the JCPS web site. The number of required hours is mandated by an employee’s position. (see web site)


All new employees must complete an online three (3) hour credit course for New Employee Orientation. This course outlines the District’s goals and employee’s responsibilities.

Thinking of Changing Careers?

Many people come to the teaching profession as a second or third career. If you always wanted to be a teacher and think you have something special to share with the students of JCPS, contact the Alternative Certification program at the School of Education of one of our local universities (http://www.jefferson.kyschools.us/Employee/AlterCertProg.pdf). The Dean’s office will evaluate your credentials and create a certification plan specifically for you. We challenge you to try Substitute Teaching to see if you have what it takes to become a teacher!

Last modified September 15, 2014