School Resource Officer  (SRO)

Kids in ActionOverview

An SRO is a school-based law enforcement officer who works with school administrators to protect students, faculty, staff, and the school where he or she serves. SRO’s have three main roles: a law enforcement officer, a law-related educator, and an advisor. The officers are hired by either the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department or the Louisville Metro Police Department.


  • Provide a safe and positive climate for academic success in school where officer is assigned
  • Facilitate or assist in pro–active preventative community programs relating to substance abuse, conflict mediation, gangs/violence/bullying, or social/emotional issues in school where officer is assigned
  • Assist in nurturing and maintaining stability and safety in school where officer is assigned


Jack Jacobs, Executive Director, Student Assignment, Health, and Safety Department, (502) 485-6140
Stan Mullen, Director, (502) 485-3111


Date Modified 1/18/12