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Synthetic Designer Drugs

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The Most Popular Synthetic Designer Drugs

Synthetic Marijuana
Synthetic Speed or Bath Salts


Effects on Youth

Warning Signs

What should you look for if you suspect your child might be using synthetic designer drugs?

Prevention Information

What can you do to prevent your child from using synthetic designer drugs?


Where can you go for more information and help?

Seven Counties Services, Inc., Regional Prevention Center

Local information and resources are available by calling the Seven Counties Services, Inc., Regional Prevention Center at (502) 589-8600 or by visiting and clicking on Prevention Programs and Services under the Our Services tab.

If you suspect or know that your teen is using marijuana or other drugs, contact the Early Intervention Program (EIP), a Seven Counties Services, Inc., assessment and educational program for youth, at (502) 439-9699.

The Partnership at

The Partnership at is an organization that unites parents and professionals to help families raise healthy children.

Parents. The Anti-Drug

Parents. The Anti-Drug is an organization that conveys tips, guides, and expert advice to keep teens safe and drug-free.

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

The Office of National Drug Control Policy is a governmental office that coordinates governmentwide public health and public safety approach to reduce drug use.

Project Alert

Project Alert is curriculum created and tested by RAND, the nation’s leading think tank on drug policy.