Discipline Focus:


Title I Mission

The JCPS Title I mission is to help schools make systematic improvements in order for all students to reach proficiency in Literacy and Mathematics based on student data.

What is ESS?

"ESS" is a program of instructional and services provided by schools for students who need additional time to achieve expected outcomes. The Extended School Services (ESS) program has been designed to be a proactive program, which seeks to diminish academic problems before they become recurring long-term problems for the student. Through early intervention, the performance gap between ESS students and their peers is closed instead of allowed to widen..

About Our RIF Program at JCPS

Here at Jefferson County Public Schools our districts RIF program has been in existents for over 5 years. The program has expanded over the years from 18 to 38 programs! The success in our RIF program is due to the wonderful efforts made by the schools and central office from caring and diligent staff, parents/volunteers, and most importantly the students for their optimistic attitudes and desire to enhance their reading skills.

What is Supplemental Educational Services?

"Supplemental Educational Services" is defined by the United States Department of Education as "tutoring or extra help provided to students in reading, English/language arts, and math. This extra help can be provided before or after school, on weekends, or in the summer." The No Child Left Behind Act states that these services must be of high quality, research-based, and specifically designed to increase the academic achievement of eligible children.

Parent Advisory Council Mission

The Parent Advisory Council’s mission is to involve families, schools and the community in the educational success of all children through unified active participation, clear understanding, communication and adequate training.


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