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Our Mission Statement

Jefferson County Public Schools Early Childhood Programs are shaping the future by empowering children and families.

Our Mission

The future strength of the Commonwealth of Kentucky depends upon the healthy development of our youngest citizens. Therefore, this initiative will build upon existing resources, foster public-private partnerships, insure collaborative planning and implementation, and mobilize communities to: support and strengthen families, assure that all children grow and develop to their full potential, provide high quality, accessible, affordable early care and education options, and promote public awareness of the importance of the first years for the well-being of all Kentucky's citizens.

The Vision for Kentucky

All young children in Kentucky are: healthy and safe; possess the foundation that will enable them to have school and personal success; and, to live in strong families that are supported and strengthened within their communities.

Our Commitment

The Jefferson County Public Schools Early Childhood staff and programs are dedicated to our mission and vision. We understand fully the privilege and responsibility we have to every child entering our programs. Early Childhood staffs are dedicated and focused on providing students a great start to their school careers. They prepare students for transitioning into elementary school, and build confidence and skills in each child for personal success and school readiness. Strong parent involvement and participation is encouraged, fostered, and appreciated in all our programs. The benefits to both children and families are long lasting. The research clearly indicates that children attending Early Childhood programs have greater success in school. We are proud to make a difference in the lives of the children we serve and empower our students and their families to be informed, confident, and contributing citizens in shaping our future.

If you have a child turning three or four, we invite you to apply for consideration to participate in one of the Early Childhood programs. Jefferson County Public Schools Early Childhood serves children 0-36 months old in Early Head Start, three and four year olds in Head Start, Pre-K, and Tuition-Based preschool programs. Refer to the links to learn more about the Early Childhood department and the eligibility requirements and application process.

The early application period begins in late January and ends in April for new students for the next school year. Together, as partners, we collaborate with parents and other community agencies and organizations to continue to be a nationally recognized program of excellence for our youngest citizens. We are proud of our Early Childhood programs and invite you to join us as a participant, volunteer, or program supporter.

Kevin L. Nix, Director
Early Childhood Programs


Date Modified 7/30/14