Academic Competition News

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Keep Your School Eligible for Governor’s Cup Competition!

Middle and high schools who participated in Governor’s Cup this school year have been invoiced by KAAC for next year’s dues. Please check with your bookkeeper to make sure this gets paid. New schools in the program are encouraged to contact KAAC to join the organization. Call 502-223-0088 for KAAC information or visit

Buzzer System Problems?

For help with Inquisitor buzzer systems, contact Bill Luyster. Visit his website.

KAAC FPS Training for middle and high school coaches

Training dates for the 2015-16 competition year will be posted here when they are available.

2015-16 Rules Changes for KAAC Events

Any rules changes for KAAC Events will be posted here after the KAAC conference in September.

2015 State Governor's Cup

Congratulations to the following JCPS Teams for their success at State!

MS Overall Team Points – Meyzeek (2nd place – 51 points), Noe (6th place – 29.25 points)

MS Quick Recall – Meyzeek (3rd place), Crosby (quarterfinalist), Noe (quarterfinalist)

HS Overall Team Points – DuPont Manual (1st place – 77.5 points)

HS Quick Recall – DuPont Manual (3rd place)

Click here for a list of winners in individual written assessments.

We are proud of our JCPS students!

Transportation for League Play and Tournaments

Employee and/or Volunteer Auto Insurance Affidavits must be on file in order to transport students in private vehicles. You can get those forms online on the JCPS website or from your school secretary. Fill out the appropriate forms and permission slips requested by the board for travel. See your office personnel for board policy information regarding travel to league host sites or to tournaments.

Academic Competition Funding for Middle and High Schools

Funding for academic competition began in 1986 when school budgets were controlled by the Board of Education. At that time the Board included a $1000 line-item earmarked for academic competition. When the schools went to site-based management, that $1000 was included in the total amount allocated to the schools. Now it is the responsibility of the local school to designate that money from their yearly budget for academic competition. The Office of Academic Competition does not give this money to the schools. It should be allocated by your site-based budget committee and set aside in anticipation that it will be needed. If you have a problem, please check with your bookkeeper and locate the code from which your KAAC dues have been paid in the past.

What should the $1000.00 from your school budget be used for?

  • KAAC Dues (Annual expense-notice is sent to the schools in the spring.)
  • Equipment repairs/replacement
  • Study materials/practice questions for quick recall and FPS
  • Hosting costs (food, custodial services, etc.)
  • Other tournament fees/expenses
  • Other expenses for academic competition as allowed by your principal.

NOTE: Not all of these expenses will occur each year. Hosting is the largest expenditure, but that only gets assigned to a given school every 3-4 years. Therefore, schools may not need to spend all of these funds each year.

Elementary School Funding for Academic Competition

There are no fees for participating in the Elementary Mayor’s Cup Academic Competition. The Office of Academic Competition and the Louisville Metro Mayor’s Cup provide the funding for questions, awards, etc. for the competition.

The Office of Academic Competition provides and maintains the equipment (one buzzer system per school) for elementary quick recall as long as the school participates in the league and Mayor’s Cup.
The equipment remains the property of the Office of Academic Competition and should be considered “on loan” to the schools. It is the responsibility of the school to treat the buzzer systems with care and to report any malfunctioning equipment to the Office of Academic Competition for repair.

We provide $250.00 to Saturday host schools to help pay the cost of hosting every 3-4 years. We also provide $150.00 to pay personnel for planning and organizing the Mayor’s Cup competition during their hosting year.

The Office of Academic Competition is not responsible for paying dues or tournament fees for elementary schools other than those listed above for Mayor’s Cup. Elementary schools that wish to participate in Governor’s Cup must pay their KAAC dues and hosting costs from their school budgets.


Date Modified 5/20/15