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Welcome back to to a new year in Academic Competition!


Jefferson County Public Schools
Middle School & High School
CHESS Meeting

3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Gheens, Rm 205-206


2013-14 Rules Changes for KAAC Events

Maximum Number of Semesters

  1. A student promoted from grade five (5) to grade six (6) shall have seven (7) consecutive calendar years of eligibility from the date of first promotion by the school. The eligibility shall conclude with the completion of the Governor’s Cup State Competition following the seventh year. No additional eligibility may be granted in a case where the grant would allow a student to compete in all or part of the eighth competitive season following the initial promotion by the school from grade five (5).
  2. The Executive Director may grant additional eligibility in the case where it has been documented by the attending physician, principal and superintendent that severe illness or injury has prevented the student from receiving necessary education services and the right to an education has therefore been impacted, rather than simply the loss of the ability to compete. No additional eligibility may be granted in a case where the grant would allow a student to compete in all or part of the eighth competitive season following the initial promotion by the school from grade five (5).

Ineligibility for Repeating Students

  1. A student having been enrolled in the sixth (6th) grade or in any grade through twelfth (12th) shall not be eligible for competition for more than a total of one (1) year in each grade and applicable eligibility shall begin in the first year enrolled in that grade. A student repeating a grade for any reason is ineligible to participate in KAAC sanctioned events from sixth grade (6th) through twelfth grade (12th) during the second year in that grade.

Written Assessment, Composition and FPS – all KAAC Events

  1. Language translators are prohibited.
  2. Proctor notes shall include a reminder for students to turn off electronic devices.

Quick Recall – all KAAC Events

  1. If an inquiry after overtime results in additional play, play resumes from the point at which the overtime ended. If the fifth point for Team A was a tossup, play resumes with a bonus for Team A and possible bounce-back to Team B. If the fifth point was a bonus, play resumes with a tossup.

Written Assessment – all KAAC Events

  1. Questions from the Required Readings on the Language Arts exams shall focus on the work only. There will be no more questions on the work’s genre, author’s life, etc.

JV Challenge Composition

  1. The time frame for Composition is extended to 90 minutes.


2014 State Governor's Cup

Congratulations to the following JCPS Teams for their success at state:

Meyzeek Middle School - second place overall

Meyzeek's quick recall team- 1st place

Noe's quick recall team - 2nd place

DuPont Manual High School- first place overall

For a list of winners in individual written assessments, copy and paste the following URL into your address bar:

We are proud of our JCPS students!



USB Buzzer Systems

Bill Luyster at Educational Technologies has USB buzzer systems for sale. Replacement parts for the systems are also available. For more information about buzzer systems, or to repair an old one, contact Bill at 859-389-9777, 859-312-7084, or online at

If you just want to order a new system, have your bookkeeper call Kasey Sharfe at 3492 and she will walk your bookkeeper through the process.



From Bill Luyster:

There is a new software beta version of the Net software (version 1.9) and it fixes some installation issues but not the main problem with Windows 7 at JCPS.  Problem is related to a conflict with the Smart Board software. Even if there’s no Smart Board  attached, the software (Smart Technologies) is still active on the computer.  That software installs a “Virtual Tablet PC” that must be temporarily disabled when the Inquisitor is installed (This conflict shouldn’t happen.  USB protocol is supposed to prevent it. ) Here’s the patch that’s been successful with a couple coaches I’ve been able to work with. There may be slight variations of the procedure on different computers.  Patch is pretty ugly but it’s all I have.  To do this they must have ADMIN access on the computer.  Ideally, school technology coordinator would be the one to do this.

Inquisitor Patch (Revised 10/12/12)
From Desk Top:
0. If connected, disconnect the SmartBoard USB connection.
1. Click Windows Icon (lower left corner)
2. Click Control Panel
3. Click System (View must be set to small icons)
4. Click Device Manager (upper left in System Window to see System Icon)
5. Find and expand Human Interface Devices to see the list of HID devices.
6. Find a HID device with the name Virtual Tablet PC ( or Smart Virtual Tablet can also be WACO Pen Enable on HP Tablets, may be some other variants)  Double Click to bring up its Properties
7. Click the Driver Tab (Properties window of the Virtual Tablet PC)
8. Click the Disable button (temporarily disables Virtual Tablet PC)
9. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
10. If not installed, install Inquisitor software.  Plug in Inquisitor Team Modules give the computer a few seconds to install the HID drivers if the “Found New Hardware” message appears.  Click the Light Bulb icon to start the Inquisitor software.


From Matt Daniels:

One quick option that may help that is to just stop the smart software from loading automatically on startup. Type msconfig in the search blank and then hit enter. Go over to the startup tab and then deactivate anything to do with the smartboard software. I always do that with these laptops simply because the smartboard software makes the computers run so much slower!!


Version 1.7a and Version 1.9 are available on the website (tech support page then current models page)  Inquisitor model  (4097) with the chaser lights on the team module can use either version.  Model 2012 (no chaser lights) must use V1.9.

Some older projectors interfere with the inquisitor software, changing the screen resolution on your display. Please remember that a projector is not necessary for a quick recall match. Simply disconnect the projector and play the match without it.


Keep Your School Eligible for Governor’s Cup Competition!

Middle and high schools who participated in Governor’s Cup this school year have been invoiced by KAAC for next year’s dues. Please check with your bookkeeper to make sure this gets paid. New schools in the program are encouraged to contact KAAC to join the organization. Call 502-223-0088 for KAAC information. A brochure to sign your school up for KAAC membership is also available on the KAAC website.




What are the Responsibilities of the Office of Academic Competition?

Quick Recall

The Office of Academic Competition plans and organizes fall quick recall leagues for JCPS middle and high schools, and spring semester leagues for elementary school students for quick recall. Our office writes and edits all the questions used in the quick recall matches for the league and for Jefferson County tournaments. Each grade level ends the league season with a JCPS Tournament. The high school tournament has been sponsored for several years by E.ON.US (formerly LG&E) and will be held this year in January.
The middle school tournament takes place between the top eight teams at the end of the regular league season in January.

The elementary tournament is called Academic Cup (formerly Mayor's Cup). The Office of Academic Competition currently seeking a sponsor for this tournament. Approximately 60-70 elementary schools take part in this tournament at 17-18 locations in March.

Future Problem Solving

In addition to quick recall, we plan and organize presentation future problem solving competitions and help JCPS coaches prepare their teams for district, regional, and state level written future problem solving competition in the spring at Governor's Cup.

Written Assessment Tests

In order to assist county academic teams to compete at Governor's Cup Competition, which is sponsored every spring by the Kentucky Association for Academic Competition (KAAC), our office writes and administers written assessment tests similar to those at Governor's Cup tournaments. The questions are derived with the Kentucky Core Academic Standards in mind. Students are tested in math, social studies, science, language arts, and fine arts/humanities. The scores are used to determine final team standings in the league at the middle school level. For high school students, we give awards and medals at their January tournament. Elementary students take written assessment tests at their Academic Cup competition and receive medals for placing in the top four in each content area.

Spelling Bee

This office organizes the county spelling bee.

Debate Teams

Work with the Wilson Wyatt Debate League to facilitate Debate teams.

Liaison with KAAC

The Office of Academic Competition aids in communication between Jefferson County coaches, whose teams participate in Governor's Cup competitions, and KAAC, the state-level organization that sponsors these events.

Academic Competition Camp

Plan and organize the running of a summer camp for quick recall students in grades 5-9.


Locate other opportunities for Jefferson County students to participate in academic competition on the state and national level.


Academic Competition Funding for Middle and High Schools

Funding for academic competition began in 1986 when school budgets were controlled by the Board of Education. At that time the Board included a $1000 line-item earmarked for academic competition. When the schools went to site-based management, that $1000 was included in the total amount allocated to the schools. Now it is the responsibility of the local school to designate that money from their yearly budget for academic competition. The Office of Academic Competition does not give this money to the schools. It should be allocated by your site-based budget committee and set aside in anticipation that it will be needed. If you have a problem, please check with your bookkeeper and locate the code from which your KAAC dues have been paid in the past.

What should the $1000.00 from your school budget be used for?

  • KAAC Dues (Annual expense-notice is sent to the schools in the spring.)
  • Equipment repairs/replacement
  • Study materials/practice questions for quick recall and FPS
  • Hosting costs (food, custodial services, etc.)
  • Other tournament fees/expenses
  • Other expenses for academic competition as allowed by your principal.

NOTE: Not all of these expenses will occur each year. Hosting is the largest expenditure, but that only gets assigned to a given school every 3-4 years. Therefore, schools may not need to spend all of these funds each year.

Elementary School Funding for Academic Competition

There are no fees for participating in the Elementary Academic Cup competition. The Office of Academic Competition provide the funding for questions, awards, etc. for the competition. The Office of Academic Competition provides and maintains the equipment (one buzzer system per school) for elementary quick recall as long as the school participates in the league and Academic Cup. The equipment remains the property of the Office of Academic Competition and should be considered “on loan” to the schools. It is the responsibility of the school to treat the buzzer systems with care and to report any malfunctioning equipment to the Office of Academic Competition for repair. We provide $250.00 to Saturday host schools to help pay the cost of hosting every 3-4 years. We also provide $200.00 to pay personnel for planning and organizing the Academic Cup competition during their hosting year. The Office of Academic Competition is not responsible for paying dues or tournament fees for elementary schools other than those listed above for Academic Cup. Elementary schools that wish to participate in Governor’s Cup must pay their KAAC dues and hosting costs from their school budgets.



Date Modified 8/25/14