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JCPS at a Glance

Students: 100,600+ (1/7 of all Kentucky students)
Schools: 173
Teachers: 6,400+
Teachers holding a master’s degree or higher: 84%
Full-Time Employees: 14,400+ (2nd-largest employer in Jefferson County)
Average number of years teaching: 10.8
Parent Teacher Association (PTA) membership: 41,000+
Market share (percentage of the county’s school-age children enrolled in JCPS): 81.1
Business partnerships: 4,904


District Report Card (district performance report)

District Data Reports (including School and District Dialogues, Comprehensive District Improvement Planning, Comprehensive School Improvement Planning, Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Program Evaluation, Performance Indicators, and Systems)

Organizational Structure (positions and job descriptions)

Financial Statements (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and monthly financial reports)

School Web Sites and District Maps (school profiles, maps, and directions)

School Report Cards (Posted on the Kentucky Department of Education [KDE] Web site, these report cards include information on teacher qualifications, test performance, awards, safety, and parent involvement.)

Strategic Plan

Adult and Continuing Education (serves more than 30,000 adults annually through General Educational Development [GED] and skill-building courses, leisure-learning and career-enhancing Lifelong Learning courses, English as a Second Language [ESL] courses, workforce training, family education, and college-preparation courses)

Contact Us

For general questions call or email the JCPS Factline at 485-3228

The JCPS Employee Directory does not include all employees of the district.

The Quick Call List includes telephone numbers for district departments.

The School Directory (pdf) is a list of schools, location numbers, principals, addresses and telephone numbers.

Schools Achievement Areas and Assistant Superintendents includes the six regional Assistant Superintendents.

Last modified January 26, 2016